VA3TO 24GHz Portable Station
(10 & 24 GHz sunrise @ FN03AN)

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Equipment details:

Dish: 22" prime focus Procom with integral penny splash feed.
Transverter: DB6NT/Khune MKU 24 GA "bare mixer" transverter + waveguide image filter.
Local Oscillator DB6NT 8-13 L.O. set to 12.024 GHz with Bliley 10 MHz OCXO reference.
LNA: DB6NT MKU 243 RX2 ~28dB gain / 1.3 db N.F.
PA: mm-Tech (W2PED modified) ~2 Watts o/p power.
Waveguide Relay: I3OPW
Sequencer: W6PQL 4 event sequencer kit w/ W6PQL latching relay driver kit.
I.F. Rig: Yaesu FT-817 @ 144 MHz.

Accomplishments to date:

Distance (Tropo): 278km - VA3TO in grid FN03AN to WB2WGH in grid FN13rl. (* New Can-US terrestrial DX record *)

Distance (Rain Scatter): 208km - VA3TO in grid FN03AN to VA3ELE in grid EN95XK.

Distance (Snow Scatter): 259km - VA3TO & VA3ELE in grid EN93QJ to K2UA in grid FN12FS.

24GHz VUCC: 11 Grids from grid FN03AN.

After experiencing microwave operation on 10 GHz I wanted to give 24 GHz a try so I began collecting the bits and in May of 2019 I completed the assembly and made my first contact with VA3ELE Peter. Peter drove over to a clear location near his home in FN03dm at a distance of 21km between us. Good for a 1st test. I sent dashes for a bit and when I stopped Peter came back to me on SSB and was rattling the little speaker in the FT-817 at S9+. He was as enthusiastic as i was so he offered to drive a little further and found a spot at FN03fs, around 40km away. That was also a success so he drove north to FN04ec about 64km away from me. I had some trees in that direction so I looked around to see if I could find a clear spot. There was a huge paving rig right beside me so I climbed up on it to check out the view. It was still a little obscured but worth a try. Peter also commented that it may not have been a clean shot from his location. Signals were indeed attenuated but we made it no problem. It was after midnight at that point so we called it a night. 64km and 2 grids on my first 24Ghz outing... not bad. A big thanks to Peter for giving me my first contact and driving around to test !

Some of my microwave QSOs were recorded and posted to Youtube: uWave QSO Videos


- Feb. 04, 2023 - On a bitter cold winter morning me and Peter VA3ELE drove out to a high spot in EN93FS to try and extend our 24 & 47 GHz distance records with Rus K2UA at the other end in grid FN12FS, a distance of 259 km. The temperature was -17C (+1F) with 18km/h winds, 71% RH giving a dewpoint of -21C with some snow flurries between us. We made it easliy on 24 GHz but nothing was heard at either end on 47 GHz. It turns out that we set a new Canada - U.S. 24 GHz distance record. Video here: New Can-US terrestrial DX Record: 259 km on 24 GHz

- May 27, 2023 - I set up at FN03an for some impromptu microwave activity. I worked a handful of stations on 10 GHz and a few others on 24 GHz. One of the 24 GHz contacts was with Ron, WB2WGH who was in FN13rl. Unbeknown to both of us, Peter VA3ELE mentioned the distance which turns out to be a new Canada - US DX record, breaking the previous record set in February. Video here: New Can-US terrestrial DX Record: 278 km on 24 GHz

24 GHz VUCC (11 Grids).

24 GHz Grids Worked from FN03AN
(Tropo contacts in yellow, Rain Scatter contacts in blue.)

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