VA3TO 24GHz Portable Station
(10 & 24 GHz sunrise @ FN03AN)

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Equipment details:

Dish: 22" prime focus Procom with integral penny splash feed.
Transverter: DB6NT/Khune MKU 24 GA "bare mixer" transverter + waveguide image filter.
Local Oscillator DB6NT 8-13 L.O. set to 12.024 GHz with Bliley 10 MHz OCXO reference.
LNA: DB6NT MKU 243 RX2 ~28dB gain / 1.3 db N.F.
PA: mm-Tech (W2PED modified) ~2 Watts o/p power.
Waveguide Relay: I3OPW
Sequencer: W6PQL 4 event sequencer kit w/ W6PQL latching relay driver kit.
I.F. Rig: Yaesu FT-817 @ 144 MHz.

Accomplishments to date:

Distance (Tropo): 222km - VA3TO in grid FN03AN to VA3ELE in grid FN13JU.

Distance (Rain Scatter): 208km - VA3TO in grid FN03AN to VA3ELE in grid EN95XK.

Distance (Snow Scatter): 259km - VA3TO & VA3ELE in grid EN93QJ to K2UA in grid FN12FS.

24GHz VUCC: 11 Grids from grid FN03AN.

After experiencing microwave operation on 10 GHz I wanted to give 24 GHz a try so I began collecting the bits and in May of 2019 I completed the assembly and made my first contact with VA3ELE Peter. Peter drove over to a clear location near his home in FN03dm at a distance of 21km between us. Good for a 1st test. I sent dashes for a bit and when I stopped Peter came back to me on SSB and was rattling the little speaker in the FT-817 at S9+. He was as enthusiastic as i was so he offered to drive a little further and found a spot at FN03fs, around 40km away. That was also a success so he drove north to FN04ec about 64km away from me. I had some trees in that direction so I looked around to see if I could find a clear spot. There was a huge paving rig right beside me so I climbed up on it to check out the view. It was still a little obscured but worth a try. Peter also commented that it may not have been a clean shot from his location. Signals were indeed attenuated but we made it no problem. It was after midnight at that point so we called it a night. 64km and 2 grids on my first 24Ghz outing... not bad. A big thanks to Peter for giving me my first contact and driving around to test !

Some of my microwave QSOs were recorded and posted to Youtube: uWave QSO Videos


- Feb. 04, 2023 - On a bitter cold winter morning me and Peter VA3ELE drove out to a high spot in EN93FS to try and extend our 24 & 47 GHz distance records with Rus K2UA at the other end in grid FN12FS, a distance of 259 km. The temperature was -17C (+1F) with 18km/h winds, 71% RH giving a dewpoint of -21C with some snow flurries between us. We made it easliy on 24 GHz but nothing was heard at either end on 47 GHz. It turns out that we set a new Canada - U.S. 24 GHz distance record. Video here: New DX Record: 259 km on 24 GHz

24 GHz Grids Worked from FN03AN
(Tropo contacts in yellow, Rain Scatter contacts in blue.)

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